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Session: The Church's council of ruling and teaching elders responsible for the mission and vision of the congregation.

Moderator: Rev. Gloria Mencer

Clerk of Session: Karen Hawkins

Class of 2017: Heather Hopkins, Greg Logue, Mike Miller

Class of 2018: Dan Podsobinski, Carolyn Walker, Robin Walker

Class of 2019: Debbie Malaone, Gene Morse, Tim Watson

Board of Deacons: Responsible for our ministries of compassion, witness and service

Moderator: Lynne Miller

Class of 2017: Linda Cook, Midge Kerns, Lynne Miller

Class of 2018: Bradley Bateman, Lynda Morse, Tracey Podsobinski

Class of 2019: Sherri Bird, Rachel Ribble, Melanie Rose

Staff: Responsible for particular ministries of the church.

Pastor/Head of Staff: Rev. Gloria Mencer

Parish Associate: Rev. Dr. Ed Grohman

Treasurer: Leslie Burnette

Business Administrator: Catherine Cowan

Secretary: Ginger Harriman

Director of Music Ministries: Kathy Tallent

Organist: Colleen Ferron

Director of Children's and Youth Ministries: Susan Reynolds

Nursery Coordinator: Dorothy Dawson

Wedding Administrator: Patti Grubb

Webmaster: Gene Morse

Prior year:

Session 2016: Glenn Bateman, David Claiborne, Linda Watson

Deacons 2016: Steve Grubb, Lianne Logue, Nancy Ribble

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