Graystone Presbyterian Church
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About Graystone

Celebrating over 125 years of service Graystone Presbyterian Church (USA) is a welcoming and inter-generational community of faith. We are a community where people know one another and care for each other as we live out the Christian journey together. All are welcome to worship, serve and grow with us! In our church community you will find people of all ages and from many different backgrounds.

We have active fellowship and study groups for children, youth and adults, but we also pride ourselves on being an inter-generational community. This means that young and old learn from one another as they grow in their faith and they share in fellowship embodying Christ's body in the world. We are a proud member of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Presbytery of East Tennessee.  To us, being Presbyterian means that we are part of a connectional church, which means that we come together with other congregations (both Presbyterian and other traditions) to serve and grow together.

Graystone is a beautiful church with many rooms, parlors, and surrounding church grounds


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