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Church Mouse

February 2018

Thursday, February 22, 2018
Ash Wednesday, Food, and Ice Hockey as experienced by the loveable Graystone Church Mouse.

Happy Spring!         


Pardon me if I'm a little bleary-eyed; but I ended my winter nap a bit early.  I knew I had lots of great things to look forward to!  First up was the Share the Love dinner given by the youth.  Madame Clerk said the spaghetti smelled so good that her tummy was growling during the Session meeting.  She didn't make it back to the dinner – but I went, and it was dee-lish!  (Um…  I might have eaten enough for the both of us, anyway.)  Thanks to our hard working youth for this great evening of sharing and caring!


Then, we combined SWAG and Ash Wednesday on the 14th.  It's always nice to do things with our South Knoxville Church Coalition, and this was no exception – especially since the service was right here at Graystone.  We started with a great meal coordinated by Tracey and Dan (our Top Chefs).  They made chicken, pasta, salad, and rolls; and various homemade desserts were provided by the ladies of the church.  Yum-my!!  Then, the service was ever so nice.  The combined choirs sounded just heavenly up in the balcony!  All in all, five South Knoxville churches, and four pastors, participated:  Graystone and Lake Forest PCs, Colonial Heights,  Hillcrest, and Hendron's Chapel UMCs. 


Next up was the trip to the Ice Bears Hockey Game on February 18.  We had about 15 people participate and was it ever fun!  Before leaving for the game, Dan brought along two hockey sticks and taught Marvin and Robin how to shoot and pass the puck.  I was in Marvin's jacket pocket on the way to the game and then had a great perch sitting on the brim of his Fedora during the game.  The Knoxville Ice Bears were playing the Roanoke Rail Yard Dogs, so I cheered especially loudly for the Bears because I just really don't like rail yard dogs.  The Morse, Malone, and Hopkins families joined us at the coliseum.  I got busy gathering up dropped popcorn and had a bite or two of pretzel with mustard.  During the fun run, I hid in Drew's hoodie so I could be in the race and not get stepped on.  When they threw out tee-shirts, Robin just missed as one bounced off her fingers, but the lady in the next row was kind enough to give it back and Robin gave it to Kate.  The funniest thing was watching the "slobber dogs" play.  Now, these are people wearing round bubble suits, head to knees, three on each team, trying to kick a giant puck into the opponent's net.  (Just the description sounds funny, doesn't it?)  Nobody could stay on their feet while kicking or if they got bumped.  Hilarious!  As for the game, our Ice Bears shot three times as many pucks toward the goal as the Dogs, but, unfortunately, the Dogs had better luck getting past the goalie and won by 5-2.  It got a little bit cold for me after a while, but I burrowed back down into Marvin's jacket pocket and that was quite nice. 


I'm waitin' on the next adventure,


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