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Church Mouse

April 2017

Saturday, April 01, 2017
Spring and Easter at Graystone from the perspective of Deke the beloved Graystone church mouse.

It's spring!             


It was a mild winter this go 'round; but that doesn't mean it was any easier to wake up from my long nap.  But, I knew I had lots of great things to look forward too; and one of those was the Ash Wednesday service.  It's always nice to do things with our South Knoxville Church Coalition, and this was no exception.  The service at Lake Forest was ever so nice.  The combined choirs practically overflowed the choir loft!  And the Methodists might have learned a bit about predestination.


Back at home, Rev. Gloria seems to have settled in quite nicely.  She might think that I don't know about her, but I do.  (I have my sources, y'know.)  Annnd, I just found out that she'll be scurrying around here a little more often because she's decided to be at Graystone full-time during her term as interim! 


I've also noticed some new folks worshiping with us on Sunday!  I did a little detective work and learned some interesting things about our new choir members.  One of them is Rev. Gloria's husband, Walter Mencer, who sings tenor.  Walter is the Choral and Instrumental Specialist for Knox County Schools.  Our new bass singer, Spencer Morrell, comes to us thru our friend Rev. Andy at U-Kirk.  Plus, Gloria's daughter and some friends from Emmanuel are visiting occasionally, and that's most excellent! 


It will soon be Easter.  I can't wait for the yummy Easter Breakfast and seeing the pretty lilies in the sanctuary.  I'll have some chocolate, too, 'cuz our Clerk left me a little Easter basket with some candy eggs and my very own bunny.


Happy Easter,


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