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Church Mouse

May 2017

Monday, May 01, 2017
Deke the Graystone church mouse brings us all up to date on a surprise trip he had while sneaking into someone's purse!

Hooboy!  Am I glad Lent is over.  "Why?" you might be wondering…  because our Clerk gave up ice cream during Lent and she was getting a bit testy.  But, I hear there are several containers of Häagen Dazs in her freezer, now, so everything should be fine. 


Breaking news…  Our friend from the U-Kirk, Rev. Andy Morgan, and his wife, Sarah, are gonna be parents!  Isn't that just grand?


I got to have a wee bit o' fun!  A few weeks ago I sneaked into Lynda Cook's purse and tagged along with her and Gerald to the Bruce Davies concert at West Emory PC.  Mr. Davies is a Scottish folk singer who has entertained at the Gatlinburg Scottish Festival several times, and he has come to love the Smoky Mountain area.  He came over to do a benefit concert for the Presbyterian Disaster Relief group that is still helping out in the mountains after the wildfires.  The concert was really quite excellent because Mr. Davies has a fine-sounding voice.  And he also told us this…  he'd mentioned to the folks at a recent venue in Scotland that he was doing this benefit, and guess what??...  They decided to donate the proceeds from that concert to PDR too!  How 'bout that.  It's sure nice to know that folks across the big pond are so kind!


Oh!  We have several special holdiays during May…  National Teachers Day, National Nurses Day, Mother's Day, Armed Forces Day, and Memorial Day.  It's important to remember and celebrate all these special people. 


Happy Spring! 



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